4"x 36"

4″x 36″

4"x6" Watercolor and Coffee

Front Cover (4″x6″ Watercolor and Coffee)

4"x6" Watercolor and Coffee

Back Cover (4″x6″ Watercolor and Coffee)

With my project of a linear day, I tried to not only represent my normal day, but also include things I like to do when I have free time. The front and back covers were supposed to be the rising of the sun and the rising of the moon. I tried to use coffee for the circle of the sun and moon because I often drink coffee to start my day and often end with it. However, coffee is not the easiest of liquids to control and if it goes somewhere other than where you want it, it will stain that area. On the inside of this accordion book, I tried to use varying line weights to draw the eye through the panels. While some of the drawing did stray from that flowing line, I tried to keep the most important aspects along it. I also tried to add what little shading I could using only black ink to try and add a little more detail and dimensionally to some of the objects. I also attempted to make full use of the space in each panel and tried to include an equal amount of white and black space. I also tried to use curved lines as must as I could to give the whole piece more of a flowing aspect so the viewer wants to go on to the next panel so its not forced. Overall, for a achromatic piece, it is still a very interesting piece.

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