Explore sensory boundaries expanding your creativity. Create depth drawing words to interpret a poem, song, or sentence.

METADATA-/scanq/scantofile0028.tif METADATA-/scanq/scantofile0027.tif

In my typography piece, I chose to use lyrics from the song “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons. Literally incorporating an image of a lion, I first tried to blend the colors into the image with the three-dimensional lettering seeming less a separate part and more part of the image itself.

However, for the second work of the piece, I chose a different lettering style, using one that was more graffiti-like in nature, and put the image of the lion only inside the text. For the lettering I choose to condense it near the middle and expand it towards the viewer near the edges of it. To create a sense of more depth, I chose to put some of the lettering before other parts, and kept the three-dimensional effect consistent using a central focal point. I also shaded the sides of the letters to further give them a three-dimensional effects, but I tried not to shade them too much in an effort to conserve the color underneath so the image could still be read as a lion.

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