Glitch Art Part 2

Silo copy8Silo copy1Silo copy6

For this first example of glitch art, I took the previously used picture of a grain mill and used a hex editing program to edit the code of the image. In certain bounds of the code, I found certain combinations and replaced them with others many times, along with entirely deleting some. In the process, all victual representation of the original image is gone leaving only a fraction of the grey sky behind.

For my second example, I tried a very simple process of making glitch art by changing the indexed colors of the image itself. Opening the image in photoshop, I changed the indexed colors of the image to the Macintosh OS color palette, but in choosing what color index photoshop was using to read the image, I chose the Windows color palette. Since the colors in the color palette are saved in different orders, the colors were substituted by whatever color is present in the section of he Windows color palette.

In the third attempt at glitch art, I used text editing except in a slightly different way and with a bitmap image. Bitmap images use the RGB color profile and as such, colors are made of the combination of the three channels with each one have an intensity value between 0 and 255. I tried to replace those numbers with significantly different values throughout the who image in order to make a noticeable difference. While it did cause a banding pattern of certain colors, it also affected the placement of each row or pixels in the image causing some to be displaced and making parts of the grain mill start to “bulge” in places.



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