Glitch Gif


In making a .gif using glitch art, I chose to make a rather political statement on my perception of war. The image starts to slowly separate at first, symbolizing the falling apart of peace and unity between the two waring sides. For the seven following frames, the image goes through more rapid and dirastic changes that effectively destroy the image as war effectively destroys people and any hope of salvation. The last five frames show peace, arising from the chaos left, using part of the original image to show how peace is for the few out of the destroying of another peoples, as shown by the dramatic difference between the peace symbol and the background. It also symbolizes the start of the process all over again. I tried to portray our twisted view of “peace” using glitch art images as the medium and essentially representing our greed as humans. The image itself is a piece by Eugene Delacroix called “Liberty Leading the People,” an iconic image of the French revolution here meant only to serve as a connection to war, although because it is such a well known piece, it may be misconstrued as being specifically about the French.

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