Biomorphic Creature


In creating a biomorphic design, I chose to use a fox and a chess piece to create a final creature. Foxes are known for being intelligent creatures and the game of chess is one that utilizes that wit and cunning.

I tried utilizing line weight in a way that the out side edges of the drawing were not as defined as the edge between the fur and the chess piece. Looking back on it now, however, I see that is has caused the fox to become more separated from the chess piece. I started drawing the piece using the more geometric shapes of the chess piece then broadened those into the organic shape of the fox in an attempt to connect the creature with the object it is combined with. I tried to creature a texture visually within the fur of the fox, but due to time constraints, I did not get more done than that on the muzzle of the fox. I also shaded the biomorphic creature in an attempt to create form and depth to the image, however, due to the placement of the chess piece, I ended up shading using two light sources which effectively flattens the image. Although balance was made difficult by choosing a lightly colored object and darkly colored animal, I attempted to balance the final image by choosing parts of the fox to blend with the chess piece and other parts to remain. By doing so, I created a large bit of contrast between the fox and the chess piece. I also attempted to use value shifts in shading. Value shifting in the chess piece portion of more subtle, to create a smoother appearance with those in the fur are rougher, to help create a fur like appearance.

Overall, I feel that the drawing could have used more time and individual lines for the fur may have helped to add a more realistic effect to the final work.

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