Rosa Menkman Research

Glitch art is a conceptual way to envision art not as only something of beauty, but as something of substance. Rosa Menkman is a Dutch artist who works using glitch in both analogue and digital formats. In her work, Rosa Menkman connects visual and audio artifacts (glitches) to try to give insight to the more obscure world we call “resolution.” Her glitch art work stated with the viewing of another artist’s work in 2005, when she way a piece entitled “Untitled Game” (1996-2001). However, Rosa Menkman had issues with this piece; it defied in her mind what a video game was and should be. This inspired her works in that art does not have to be what is popularly conceived as art, but something that is more conceptual, able to change easily based on its computer generated coding. For her piece “Radio Dada,” Menkman created a feedback loop with a video camera. She then sent out to Extraboy who created music using an oscillating noise from a radio that had a similar tempo to the piece. The overall effect is one that the viewer perceives the video and audio being connected even though the truth is very different. In another video piece, “Lunar Storm,” Rosa Menkman speaks about this connectedness and reassurance we have with the moon, the only other celestial body humans have set foot on besides earth. And yet, how little we actually know of it. The beauty we see in it created of craters and reflective volcanic dust and of the lunar storms created by the solar radiation hitting the moon during lunar dawn and dust. “Collapse of PAL,” is yet another video work where Rosa Menkman explores the change between the old analogue formats of television broadcasts with that of newer formats. Going from uncompressed that had a life to their flow into the television to the compressed formats broadcasted today that are then decoded by the television before being shown. The old format no longer used and “dead” for all intents and purposes, but serving as a base for these newer technologies to be based on. In the video, she glitches the various sources running through this PAL formatting and composed music using glitch processes to distort the sound. Glitch art is not something once can just view, it’s an art process that the viewer must actively participate in to truly understand what glitch is.

Links to her various performances and pieces can be found at:

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