Montage Research

Montage is often used in film to convey an action or series of actions in a way to create a certain feeling within the viewer. Some of the most common types of montage are metric montage, rhythmic montage, intellectual montage, and tonal montage. In the classic 1960 film, “Psycho” a combination of metric and rhythmic montage is used in the famous shower scene. In regular intervals, the film cuts from showing the person wielding the knife and the woman being stabbed. This is an example of metric montage, where shots are connected by the timing of each shot. Rhythmic montage is also used as the the scene follows the action of the knife, connecting it to the person being stabbed with each shot. Montage is used continuously throughout films to help explain certain circumstances without directly telling the viewer what is happening. Our ability to connect these shots in a meaningful way allows us to understand what is happening in the film.

Shower Scene:

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