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Animal Farm

Animal Farm Art always has a purpose. Whether it is made with a specific intent or not, meaning will be derived from it. Animation is no different in this sense. Some may see animation as purely a form of entertainment, … Continue reading

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Assignment 1 – Flipbook in the Style of Emile Cohl

Animation is a process in which one is trying to trick the brain into believe that a series of single images are actually one motion. Not all animators go about creating this illusion in the same way; some use cel … Continue reading

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (In the style of Lotte Reiniger)

Born in 1899, Lotte Reiniger quickly became one of the leading animators of the early twentieth century and one of only three women animators to produce a feature film out of Weimar, Germany. With inhuman precision, Reiniger crafts intricate cutouts,

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Tale of Tales

In 1979, Russia was in a period of political disarray: after the loss of World War II, the Soviet Union, as it was then called remained in a gridlock with the United States.¬†As such, the art world was limited in … Continue reading

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